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Project Abstract

Fatty Acid Metabolism – Interlinking Diet with Cardiometabolic Health 

WHAT: FAME aims to a) identify novel lipidomics biomarkers as biomarkers of fatty acid status and of future cardiometabolic clinical events, b) establish relationships between whole diets and specific foods with tissue status of fatty acids as explanatory factors for diet relationships with cardiometabolic health, and c) to investigate genetic determinants of fatty acid status and metabolism which modify the physiological effects of dietary intake. 

HOW: Lipid metabolites as novel biomarkers will be identified in prospective studies on type 2 diabetes. The potential for dietary modification will be tested in controlled trials. Specific FAs and novel lipid metabolites will be tested as biomarkers of dairy fat intake and as markers of cardiometabolic health. Polyphenols and candidate genes as determinants of response to FA intake will be evaluated in the trials and cohorts.


WHO: Prof. Matthias Schulze (German Institute of Human Nutrition, Germany - coordinator), Prof. José López-Miranda (University of Cordoba, Spain), Prof. Miguel Ángel Martínez González (University of Navarra, Spain), Prof. Julie Lovegrove (University of Reading, UK), Prof. Anne Marie Minihane (University of East Anglia, UK).


FAME is funded by national funding partners and the European Commission within the Joint Programme Initiative "A Healthy Diet for a Healthy Life" ERA-HDHL Cofounded joint call “Biomarkers for Nutrition and Health”.

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