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Lipidomics signatures related to heart failure risk

Leveraging the comprehensive lipidomics data in two large human studies, the PREDIMED-trial in Spain and the EPIC-Potsdam cohort in Germany, Wittenbecher, and colleagues from the FAME consortium conducted the first comprehensive prospective lipidomics study on heart failure risk. Single lipids and lipid patterns, particularly ceramides and phosphatidylcholines with palmitate (C16:0), were associated with the risk of developing heart failure in the PREDIMED trial. The prospective associations of several lipids and lipid patterns with heart failure risk were externally validated in the EPIC-Potsdam cohort. These results suggest that plasma lipidomics profiling reflects perturbations in lipid metabolism preceding heart failure onset and generates putative biomarkers of heart failure risk.

Find the full article in the following link "Lipid Profiles and Heart Failure Risk: Results From Two Prospective Studies".